Monday, August 10, 2015

Another Ranking Indicator for Africa

The prestigious and exclusive THE African summit is over. Whether it will lead to a serious regional ranking remains to be seen. The indicators used by THE in their world rankings and various regional spin-offs seem generally inappropriate to all but about two dozen institutions: reputation for research, income in three different indicators, citations, number of doctoral students.

But there is still a need to compare and evaluate the effectiveness of African universities in providing instruction in academic, technical and professional subjects and perhaps in their participation in innovative and economically beneficial projects.

Probably the way ahead for African ranking is the use of social media, bypassing the very problematical collection of institutional data.  More of that later.

Anyway, here is a ranking of African universities according to the number of results from a search of the WIPO Patentscope site. Searching was done on the 5th and 6th of August. Universities included the top 50 African universities in Webometrics and any university in the recent THE pilot ranking. All fields were searched.

There are no real surprises. South Africa is dominant, followed by Egypt. The flagships of Uganda, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria are represented. Most universities in Africa do no innovative research reflected in patents.

RankUniversityCountryReferences in patents
any field
1  University of Cape TownSouth Africa377
2University of PretoriaSouth Africa242
3University of the WitwatersrandSouth Africa217
4  Stellenbosch UniversitySouth Africa165
5North West University South Africa125
6Cairo UniversityEgypt100
7University of the Free StateSouth Africa72
8University of JohannesburgSouth Africa46
9University of Kwazulu-NatalSouth Africa        41
10Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University    South Africa34
11Assiut UniversityEgypt31
12Rhodes UniversitySouth Africa30
13University of NairobiKenya21
14Makerere UniversityUganda20
15University of the Western CapeSouth Africa18
16American University in  CairoEgypt17
17University of GhanaGhana
18Université Mohammed V SouissiMorocco12
19Cape Peninsula University of TechnologySouth Africa11
20Mansoura UniversityEgypt10
21University of NamibiaNamibia9
22Alexandria UniversityEgypt8
23University of IbadanNigeria
24=Kenyatta UniversityKenya6
24=University of ZimbabweZimbabwe6
24=Durban University of TechnologySouth Africa6
27=University of South AfricaSouth Africa5
27=Zagazig UniversityEgypt5
27=Suez Canal UniversityEgypt5
30=University of Dar Es SalaamTanzania4
30=Addis Ababa UniversityEthiopia4
32=University of IlorinNigeria3
32=University of KhartoumSudan3
32=University of MalawiMalawi3
35=Helwan UniversityEgypt2
35=Université Hassan II Ain ChockMorocco2
35=Université Cadi Ayyad MarrakeMorocco2
35=Kafrelsheikh UniversityEgypt2
35=University of ZambiaZambia2
35=Ahmadu Bello UniversityNigeria2
41=University of LagosNigeria
41=Université Cheikh Anta Diop Senegal1
41=University of MauritiusMauritius1
41=Université de Constantine 1Algeria1
41=Université  de Yaounde 1Cameroons1
46=Obafemi Awolowo UniversityNigeria0
46=Kwame Nkrumah University of Science
and Technology
46=University of Port HarcourtNigeria0
46=University of BotswanaBotswana0
46=Tanta UniversityEgypt0
46=Kwame Nkrumah University of Science
and Technology
46=University of Port HarcourtNigeria0
46=Covenant University Nigeria0
46=Bejaia universityAlgeria0
46=University of BotswanaBotswana0
46=Minia UniversityEgypt0
46=University of TunisTunisia0
46=Benha UniversityAlgeria0
46=Universidade Católica de AngolaAngola0
46=Université de LoméTogo0
46=South Valley UniversityEgypt0
46=Université Abou Bekr BelkaidAlgeria0
46=Beni-Suef universityEgypt0
46=Université Omar BongoGabon0
46=University of The GambiaGambia0
46=Université de ToliaraMadagascar0
46=Université Kasdi Merbah OuargiaAlgeria0
46=Universite de la ReunionReunion0
46=Universidade Eduardo MondlaneMozambique0
46=Université de OuagadougouBurkina Faso0
46=University of RwandaRwanda0
46=Universite de BamakoMali0
46=University of SwazilandSwaziland0
46=Université Félix Houphouët-BoignyIvory Coast
46=Université de KinshasaDemocratic republic of the Congo0
46=National University of LesothoLesotho0
46=Universidade Jean Piaget
de Cabo Verde
Cape Verde
46=National Engineering School of SfaxTunisia0
46=Université Marien NgouabiCongo republic0
46=University of LiberiaLiberia0
46=Université Djillali LiabesAlgeria0
46=Université Abdou Moumouni de NiameyNiger0
46=Misurata UniversityEgypt0
46=Université de DschangCameroons0
46=Université de BanguiCentral African Republic0
46=Université de NouakchottMauretania0
46=Eritrea Iinstitute of TechnologyEritrea0
46=Université de DjiboutiDjibout0
46=University of SeychellesSeychelles0
46=Mogadishu UniversitySomalia0
46=Universidad Nacional de
Guinea Ecuatorial
Equatorial Guinea0
46=Universite Gamal Abdel Nasser
de Conakry
46=University of MakeniSierria Leone0
46=John Garang Memorial UniversitySouth Sudan0
46=Hope African UniversityBurundi0
46=Universite de MoundouChad0


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