Saturday, April 16, 2016

Some fairly new news from THE

The latest of many spin offs from the THE world university rankings is a list of 150 universities less than 50 years old. The data is extracted from the world rankings released at the end of last year. THE have, however, reduced the weighting given to their academic reputation survey and so the results are a little different.

Is it possible that THE are thinking about reducing the weighting for the reputation survey in this year's world rankings?

Here are the top ten new universities with their overall scores and then the overall scores in the World University Rankings in brackets. It can be seen that changing the weighting for this indicator does in some cases make a difference, although not a spectacular one.

Overall score

1Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne
76.8  (76.1)   
2Nanyang Technological University
72.5  (68.2)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology70.7  (67.2)
4Maastricht University
66.1  (59.9)
5Pohang University of Science and Technology
65.5  (56.9)
6Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology60.8  (53)
7University of Konstanz
58.9  (50.8)
8Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
58.6 (54.5)
9Pierre and Marie Curie University
58.2  (57)
10Scuola Superiore Normale Pisa
57.3  (50.2)

Most of the 150 universities were outside the top 200 in the world rankings and did not receive an overall score (although it could be calculated easily enough) so there is some new data here. 

As expected the young universities rankings have received a lot of publicity from the world media. Here's a sample.

University of Calgary ranks again as a top young global university by Times Higher Education

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